Bio Coal

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What are

Biomass briquettes & pellets

Biomass Briquettes & Pellets are a non-conventional source of energy made out of agro waste.

Briquettes & Pellets fuels have better physico-mechanical properties and combustion properties in comparison to coal/lignite.

The ignition temperatures of biomass briquettes are lower than coal or lignite, whereas the calorific values are greater than loose biomass.

Briquettes & Pellets are mainly used as substitute of lignite, coal, wood and other thermal fuels in Industrial boilers (steam / fluid Jet boilers), gasification plants, domestic stove, hotel industries, brick kiln, etc...

How we do it

Supply Chain

We manufacture & supply customized Biomass briquette made from Sawdust, Ground Nut Shell, Bagasse, Soya bean, Corncob etc., as per the need of customers.

Our manufacturing plant is located at Temburni (Solapur) and also having associate plants located at various parts of Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Hyderabad etc from where we supply. This enables us to meet customer's demand throughout the year.


Specification Biomass briquettes Biomass pellets
90mm/60mm Dia
6mm to 12 mm Dia
2" to 12"
10mm to 50mm
Ash Contains
Max. 12%
Max. 10%
Moisture Contains
Max. 12%
Max. 10%
Calorific Value
3500 - 4200 K Cal/Kg
3800 - 4400 K Cal/Kg
Chemical Contains
Sulphur & Phosphorus - Almost Nil
Sulphur & Phosphorus - Almost Nil